YO .. I am new to this blog and i can’t remember that i can write so smoothly but I think that i might have a unique thought that differ from other and may not a general think Also i might not good in english but to improve i will try to type thousand of word by my thought .

Sometimes i think i rather use thai language than english maybe it’s my mother tounge and i can express it more in that way like “สุนทรีย์” by the dictionary it may not have any word of English but i may express it that way by thai language (Also it’s means to feel happy expression , to feel the music – art by in depth feeling) So i will use thai sometimes and english sometimes in case of practiseing not to show off that i am good in english but to improve myself up


Lately i felt that i am boring bcos of a routine activities such as study … eatin … chatin … shopping … gaming etc. but this is very new for me to do this blog it might not a good idea to releaf it but i think it may be useful to express my thought out loud so enjoy !!